About BAE

Why BAE? Come on! How about why not? To be honest, I love that name, bae. So, I went to sleep one day and instead of falling asleep, I ended up meditating. Luckily, that day I was thinking about constructive things. It is no lie that most of my meditations are characterized by some of the world’s most useless fantasies, ahahah. So, on that lucky day I figured, “why not do something that I might be remembered for?” And like Dr. Gru in Despicable Me, in that scene where he goes to steal the little gadget that can shrink the moon into the size of a golf ball, I got my enlightenment. You know, the light bulb all meditators are always anticipating. I decided to give bae a new meaning.

I woke up. Took my imaginary sword. Ideally, I have everything I want. Part of me dwells in the imaginary world where the outstanding logic of life is only comparable to what Jim Carrey portrays in The Mask where he magically produces anything that crosses his mind. So, I took my imaginary sword. Took three steps towards bae and proclaimed, “from today henceforth, I call declare your meaning to be ‘Beautiful and Essential‘.”

And tada! That was the shortest naming ceremony I ever attended…wait a minute, it was also the only one I ever presided. Talk of killing two birds with one unit of kindness, ahahah. Beautiful Places, Gadgets, Clothing, and other General but Beautiful things are what I fancy looking for as I surf the internet. The are Essential in brightening the dark days we all encounter from time to time. And mama told me that sharing is caring. That is why I share them with y’all.