Beautiful Present for Baby Born on Board Jet Airways

Well, I don’t know what kind of music you fancy. Probably you have heard of Nicki Minaj. The so called Queen of Hip Hop, at the moment. Well, in one of her records, she categorically states that, “Dinner in a G5 is my idea of an update.” While it was all intended to bring some nice pun to the flamboyant nature of the Hip Hop music genre, there is not denying that certain activities are overly amazing while they happen several thousand feet above the ground.

Well, it has become a rather order of the day for babies to be born high in the sky. Over the month of April, in the year 2017, a bouncing (why bouncing tho’?) girl was born by a woman aboard a Turkish Airlines flight. Yeah. The lucky girl was born 42,000 feet above the sea level. What a beautiful fit. The mother of the lucky girl, who was only 28 weeks pregnant, was flying from Conakry in Guinea when she went into labor. The beauty of the above delivery was that the Turkish Airlines passengers and crew helped in delivering the baby safely before the plane could manage to make an emergency landing in Burkina Faso.

Image Credit: Mashable

So, I implied that it has now become a habit. Here is why. Jet Airways, an Indian airline witnessed the same fit. In a Jet Airways flight headed to Kochi, in Southern India, from Damman in Saudi Arabia, a woman gave birth to a baby boy at 35,000 feet above sea level. Lucky young fella. Although the baby boy did not beat the baby girl from Turkish Airlines, it is what Jet Airways did that made the incidence way beautiful. Being the first baby to be born during a flight by Jet Airways, the airlines awarded the baby boy the best birthday present ever. Close your eyes and count to five!

Jet Airways awarded the baby born during the flight with an incredibly amazing present. The airline gave the baby a lifetime travel pass – FREE. Oh my goodness. Simply Beautiful.

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