All the way from Spain! Enters Flamenco Dresses!

I would say that the first impression always lasts for ages. I am old (or older) now. However, I have not been this old my entire life. I have been young someplace in time. I had, still do, have three sisters. They are older now, too. However, regardless of the type of fashion they adopt to nowadays, I will always remember their adorable fashion from when they were much younger. I have to salute my mom, big time, because I am just realized how creative and non-conventional she was. I guess it’s because she was the only teacher in the neighborhood. And you know teachers are relatively resourceful and good in research. The thing is, my mother used to buy us clothes that did not resemble those of other children in the neighborhood.  Of all the beautiful dresses she bought my sisters, there is one design that will never escape my memory. I believe it is what my sisters looked best in. I just learnt a while ago that it’s a dress fashion/design from the region of Andalucia, Spain.

The Flamenco dress, as you can see in the picture above, is a really flamboyant clothing. Damn! The way its lower part is finished in systematically cascading ruffles is exceptionally artistic. In Andalucia, the region of Spain where the Flamenco Dresses trace their origin, the cascading ruffles are known locally as volantes. Notably, the traditional flamenco dancers from the Southern region of Spain also go by the same name – explaining why the above fashion/design ended up with the name Flamenco Dresses. The beauty of the Flamenco Dresses is exceptional. I have not been in the region of Andalucia to see the traditional dancers of Southern Spain do their thing in the Flamenco Dresses. However, I have watched a few documentaries featuring all that. More so, I can vividly remember my sisters in them dresses.

One thing I can tell is that whether one is dancing or simply walking in the Flamenco Dresses, the cascading ruffles in these dresses create a tail that intricately flicks and swishes with such beautiful sways – convincing one that it has life of its own. It’s simply beautiful!

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