AirQuadOne! What a Beautiful Concept for a Flying Car!

I know that the universe is super huge. I am sure that there are aliens out there. I have watched way too much Sci-Fi movies to believe in that. Wait a minute, I also accidentally found some rumors, which I am sure are true, that the United States has about 17 aliens’ corpses, ahahah. Well, despite all that, I can only speak of the human beings because they are the only civilization I have had a first-hand relationship with. Humans are incredibly innovative. At times insanely creative. But it is as a result of the above that life becomes so much worth the while.

Necessity has always been the root of invention. Peep! Peeeeep! Traffic jam is the only boring kind of jam I know. If only you could have it with bread like plum jam and the rest, LOL! But we are talking human beings here. People have become so enthusiastic about owning personal cars that it seems there are more cars than the people – at least it does look so in the cities. The Metro System is a good way to overcome traffic jams. But it is so public. Super CEO Elon Musk of Tesla Motors has shared his intention of digging tunnels for underground mobility. But I believe that the definition of a rising civilization should not feature burying ourselves under the surface like moles. Fortunately, I am not the only one who thinks so. Therefore, enters flying cars.

Image Credit: Wired

Flying cars have been in the news for as long as I can remember. I first saw one in Star Wars! And damn it, those ones were good. Of all the flying car model I have ever seen though, one exhibited in the Paris Airshow is overly beautiful. Let me tell you about it. It is called The AirQuadOne. At the moment, it is at its concept stage. It is the project of the UK-based Neva Aerospace, a conglomerate of five companies that operate in the drones, electric aviation, as well as in the aerial robotics industry. The AirQuadOne is designed to carry passengers. It’s shiny white appearance. The spandex suit for the rider! It’s electric turbofans design! The AirQuadOne’s concept is one of the most beautiful innovations in the flying car industry. Simply stunning! Let’s all wait for the concept to be materialized. I know a neighbor of mine who will most definitely buy one as soon as they enter commercial production. Talk of a flying car enthusiast. He is. And he is my friend. So, I will somehow find a way of having a ride sooner or later.

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