Why the Jaguar Coupe is Beautiful!

Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. Like Emma Stone in her role as Olive in the overly amazing film, Easy A, I can assure you that I have over twenty years of anecdotal proof that the above adage is true. However, I am also a compatibilist of sorts, you know, like that old renowned philosopher Hume and his squad, ahahah – did they have squads back in the day? Anyway, I love the Jaguar brand of cars. Specifically, I love the Jaguar F-Type Coupe. I know you all probably love some other car brands. Some of you are die-hard fans of Audi TT, or the Mercedes C-Class saloon, or BMW i8 Coupe, you name them. I respect all your decisions. I have learned to be humble courtesy of Kendrick Lamar (I just wanted to mention him, ahahah). Anyway, if you allow me, I will rationalize why you should consider your crossing over and loving the Jaguar like me.

I hope my rationale will be as clear in writing as it is in my mind. This goes back to a few years ago while I was still in college. It so happened that I had to take a class in corporate social responsibility and sustainable development. This might be a little far-fetched, but I expect it to be. So, let me underline what makes sustainable development beautiful and essential. You see, it is all about the companies not only maximizing their profits but also impacting in other ways at the same time. You see, while you are driving any of your favorite good-looking cars, what do they constantly remind you that is outside the driving and automobile scope? What does Mercedes, BMW, Audi, among others, remind your about other than their magnificence and beauty?

Enters Jaguar! The third largest feline, after the tiger and the lion. Wait a minute. Did you know that Jaguar is the only big cat of the genus Panthera that is native to the Americas, huh? Isn’t that beautiful? Isn’t that a foundation for motivation as you drive to work, to the gym, to a family reunion, to meet a friend, or to take your children to school?

I am not saying that the Jaguar coupes/cars are the best. But in terms of connecting their owners with the essential aspects that play integral roles in the fostering of motivation and a sense of belonging (with respect to the greater scope of nature), I don’t see any other car brand that does it such beautifully.

I have been driving a Jaguar Coupe since I was about 10, you know, in Need for Speed, ahahah! The feeling is as majestic as it was in day one! Viva Jaguar!

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